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Construction Projects Important Pillar of Employment Stability: Building Trades

(Toronto, ON) “The Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario is pleased with the vast construction opportunities announced in today’s budget,” said Marc Arsenault, Business Manager of the Council. “Allocating $20.6 billion towards construction projects over the next year demonstrates a tangible commitment to preserving high construction employment in the midst of economic uncertainty driven by inflation and rising interest rates,” he said.

The province is also reiterating its support for the Skills Development Fund (SDF) including an extra $75 million on top of the already-pledged $224 million towards expanding and renovating training centres. “Pursuing workforce development initiatives through enhanced skills can help ensure steady employment opportunities for apprentices,” said Arsenault adding that “diversifying Ontario’s construction workforce remains a high priority for the Building Trades.”

The provincial budget anticipates that $184.4 billion will be spent on infrastructure projects over the next 10 years, to keep up with population growth, housing needs and transportation connectivity for Ontarians. Ontario’s continuously growing construction industry constitutes a considerable economic footprint, accounting for over 7% of the province’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“These investments translate to excellent construction training and employment opportunities for entrants to the industry, helping to propel them into prosperous life-long careers that sustain Canada’s middle-class,” concluded Arsenault.


March 23, 2023 - Building Trades Press Release
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For more information, please contact Business Manager Marc Arsenault:

Tel: (647) 402-0390



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