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Building Mental Health

The resource has been developed in response to unions seeking guidance when supporting a member who may be experiencing a mental health condition. The workshop will be delivered by union educators to union members. Union educators are not required to have any prior knowledge, expertise or understanding of mental health conditions. The training aims to provide union members with information about mental health, with a focus on anxiety and depression, as these are the most common mental health conditions.


After completing this course, participants will:


  • have a greater understanding of the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  • be confident to approach a worker they may be concerned about and initiate a conversation.

  • understand potential mental health risk and protective factors in the workplace and how these may impact on workers.

  • know what support and resources are available for workers.

  • be able to deliver informal ‘toolbox talks’ to workers about mental health in the workplace.

The mental health course is broken down into the following modules:





What is Mental Health

The Relationship between the construction workplace and Mental Health

Taking action to support a worker

Anxiety and Depression

All the materials will be offered as work site toolbox talks.


Train the Trainer” (TTT) program

Additionally, we have developed a Building Trades specific “Train the Trainer” (TTT) program. The TTT is intended for union educators to deliver to union members, apprentice’s, officers, and representatives.

The TTT program itself will take about 15 hours to complete over the course of several days, including active class time and homework/preparation. Our goal is to offer this program to building trade representatives, apprentices, members etc.   

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