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Building Trades

In your community and training centers, training your trainers

Resources developed to help union members

The Provincial Building & Construction Trades Council has developed several training package for union educators to deliver to union members, apprentice’s, officers, and representatives.


These courses are approximately 6-hour, instructor-led course focusing on the ecosystem of mental health in the construction workplace. These courses can be tailored for classroom or online, instructor-led delivery.


The resource has been developed in response to unions seeking guidance when supporting a member who may be experiencing these unique situations. The workshop is delivered by union educators to union members. Union educators are not required to have any prior knowledge, expertise or understanding of the subject matter. The training aims to provide union members with information about each subject, with a focus on signs, support, and suggestions when applicable.


Pay it Forward with “Train the Trainer” (TTT)

Additionally, we have developed a Building Trades specific “Train the Trainer” (TTT) program. The TTT is intended for union educators to deliver to union members, apprentice’s, officers, and representatives.

The TTT program itself will take about 15 hours to complete over the course of several days, including active class time and homework/preparation. Our goal is to offer this program to building trade representatives, apprentices, members etc.


The Provincial Building and Construction Trade Council of Ontario is excited to offer three specialized courses to enrich your knowledge and skillset. Explore the curriculum below.


Building Mental Health

Have a greater understanding of the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety, and how best to approach a worker who may be suffering.



Anti- Harrassment

Define discrimination and harassment, while identifying stigmas and prejudices within.


Opioid Poisoning & Response

In partnership with St John’s Ambulance, this construction specific program specializes in harm reduction best practices, and how to administer Naloxone 

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