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Ontario Requiring Cleaner Washrooms on Construction Sites

March 15, 2023 – Supportive Quote

In response to the News Release here

March 15, 2023 - Supportive Quote (1)
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Over the course of years (and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic), the Provincial Building

and Construction Trades Council of Ontario has been advocating for better sanitary

conditions on construction jobsites, including access to water, clean-up facilities and

adequate washrooms for all construction workers to use.

Today’s announcement sheds light on an issue that is often overlooked but critically

important to the successful building of Ontario’s infrastructure. Requiring that all

construction jobsites have adequate and well-kept washrooms and clean-up facilities,

including dedicated washrooms for women as well as proper-fitting Personal Protective

Equipment (PPE) brings us a step closer towards ensuring equity on construction


I wholeheartedly agree with Minister McNaughton that access to washrooms is a “basic

human dignity” and that it should be available in all construction workplaces. Hopefully,

the new regulatory changes, along with increased inspections will help result in better

health and safety for all construction workers.

-Carmine Tiano, Director of Occupational Services – Provincial Building & Construction

Trades Council of Ontario

For more information, please contact Carmine Tiano at:


Cell: (416) 899-7913


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