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Ottawa, ON – April 28, 2024 – Today, Canadians across the country come together to mark the National Day of Mourning, including Building Trades leaders who gathered at a ceremony at the Canadian Building Trades Monument, at Major’s Hill Park in Ottawa, ON to observe a moment of silence at 11:00 am.


“The Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario join Canadians across the country to observe April 28th, the National Day of Mourning, as we remember those who have died, been injured, or become ill in workplace incidents. As we continue to face deaths and injuries on the job, as well as the ongoing rise in mental health issues and the opioid epidemic, we must recommit to a cornerstone of the labour movement – and that is ensuring every worker goes home safely at the end of the day.  

The National Day of Mourning reminds us all that the health, safety and wellness of each worker must be everyone’s priority. We know that training lies at the heart of workplace injury and disease prevention.”


James Hogarth, President of the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario

Marc Arsenault, Business Manager of the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario


·      In Ontario’s construction sector, reported Lost-Time Injuries (LTIs) have gone up from 5,021 in 2021 to 5,732 in 2022.*

·      Over the past 10 years, 325 workers in the construction industry have died of illnesses linked to workplace health hazards such as asbestos and silica exposures.*

·      Workers can be exposed to non-physical hazards that put them at risk of experiencing harms such as stress, substance use, addiction, and suicide. Mental health is therefore fundamentally tied to workers’ overall well-being and their ability to perform their jobs safely.*

·      There have been 18 construction worker deaths in 2022 and 16 in 2023.**  


*IHSA Annual Report 2022

**MOL Occupational Health and Safety Branch, Construction Health and Safety Program February 2024 Report

For more information please contact:

Kate Walsh, Executive Director of Communications, PBCTCO




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