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Statement in Support of Collective Bargaining

(Toronto, ON) “We are deeply concerned about the potential removal of

collective bargaining rights impacting educational workers. Collective

bargaining is a fundamental right of working people that has been

repeatedly upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada and is enshrined in

the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The foundation of our safe and

respectful workplaces comes from negotiated agreements that provide

fair and balanced employment conditions arrived at through collective


The Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario

stands in support of all workers against the potential removal of

collective bargaining rights. We strongly encourage both sides - CUPE

and the Government - to continue negotiations in good faith in the

pursuit of a fair contract that benefits everyone.”

For more information, please contact Business Manager Marc Arsenault Tel: (647) 402-0390

PBCTCO Statement In Support of Collective Bargaining
Download PDF • 583KB


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